Make-up units for liquid polymers

Polymore AB manufactures polymer make-up units for dosing and dissolving of liquid polymers. Characterizing for our units is its compact design which gives a small footprint, its high quality and the easy operation. The units manage to dose and process from very small to very large volumes of liquid polymers. Common for all standard units are:

  • In-line mixing, meaning that preparation of the solution takes place in a continuous flow.
  •  A pressure regulating valve stabilizes pressure variations in incoming water.
  • Included is a complete water system for supplying of preparation and dilution water.
  • Polymer dosing with an integrated peristaltic metering pump which can be controlled with an extern signal to correspond to appropriate need.
  •  The combined polymer concentrate injection nipple and check valve is easily accessible from the top of the unit. Just loosen two screws and the injection nipple is ready for inspection or cleaning.
  • A unique multi-zone technic is used to effectively mix and activate the liquid polymer with the dilution water. This ensures that get the maximum effect out of your polymers.
  • A large mixing chamber gives the polymer solution enough time to get activated. The mixing chamber is made of a non-transparent material to guarantee that none of the activated polymer solution is destroyed by UV-light.