POLYMORE midi 175-38

POLYMORE midi 175-38 is a complete dissolving- and dosage equipment for liquid, concentrated polymer in emulsion- or dispersion form.

The equipment is complete, including mixing chamber with a built in agitator. The machine is delivered with a system for solvent water including valves, flow meters, flow switch and a control cabinet with a built in pump for the concentrated polymer.

POLYMORE midi 175-38 is designed for a maximum capacity of 40 litres concentrated polymer (product as supplied) per hour with a maximum flow of 12000 litres water.

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  Outline Drawing Polymore Midi 175-38

  Product data sheet


Technical data

Water flow - preparation water: 10 - 50 litres/min
Water flow - dilution water: 10 - 125 litres/min
Polymer flow - dosing pump: 32 – 633 ml/min
Rated current: 3A
Voltage supply (acc. to IEC 60309-2): 400 VAC, 50hz, 3P+N+PE
Control circuits (PELV): 24 VDC
Remote control: Voltage free contact + 4 - 20 mA
Volume - mixing chamber: 78 litres (Ø 380 x 700 mm)
Retention time: 7,5 – 1,5 minut
Dimensions - W x D x H: 800 x 630 x 1020 mm
Connection - water: R2
Connection - polymer solution: R2
Polymer dosing pump - type: Peristaltic (tube) pump (2 nos.)
Sound level: < 60 dB(A)
Max. counter-pressure, polymer solution: 1 bar
Recommended running temperature: +10 - +40 ºC
Weight (empty chamber): Ca 90 kg
Internal diameter of the pump tubing: Ø 8,0 mm